Nexus 4 Now Available at Virgin Mobile UK

The smartphone is available for free on 24-month contracts

The elusive Nexus 4 has just arrived at Virgin Mobile UK. The smartphone was launched in the UK a few months ago via Google Play Store.

However, Three and O2 also offer the smartphone for various prices. Customers who are tempted to buy the Nexus 4 from Virgin Mobile UK should know the carrier offers the device for free on 24-month contract starting at £31/€37/$50 per month.

Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile UK only offers the Nexus 4 on pay monthly, so customers who do not want to commit to long-term contracts won’t be able to grab it from this carrier. Check it out here.

The Nexus 4 is the latest Google phone aimed at developers and Android enthusiasts alike. The smartphone is heavily subsidized by the search giant and is sold via Google Play Store.

Due to high demand, the smartphone is selling like hot cakes in the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries where Google is offering the Nexus 4 through its app store.

Specs-wise, the Nexus 4 is pretty powerful as the phone comes equipped with a 1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which is complemented by an Adreno 320 and 2GB of RAM.

Keep in mind that Virgin Mobile UK is selling the 16GB version of Nexus 4. It is also worth mentioning that the smartphone ships with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system out of the box.

For the time being, we’re not sure if the Nexus 4 runs the latest Android 4.2.2 platform, which we reported on a few days ago.

Another strong point of the Nexus 4 is the stunning 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen display that supports HD (768 x 1280 pixels) resolution, and features Corning Gorilla Glass 2 coating.

Virgin Mobile UK customers that purchase the Nexus 4 will be happy to know they will be enjoying 3G/HSPA data speeds via Everything Everywhere (EE) network.

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