Nexus 4 Gets Working AT&T LTE in Some Markets

Only on specific bands, which are not available in all areas

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there, arrived on shelves without LTE connectivity loaded on it, though it has been proven to actually pack the necessary hardware.

The handset was said last month to be able to connect to specific LTE networks in Canada, and it seems that the guys over at XDA-Developers also managed to connect it to AT&T’s network in the United States.

According to one user, the Nexus 4 was capable of offering LTE connectivity on AT&T’s service, with the help of APN from a Galaxy S III.

The LTE has to be manually enabled as well, after typing the APN. An active 4G LTE data plan is also required to enjoy the faster connectivity, it seems.

However, those who purchased the smartphone are more likely not to be able to connect to the carrier’s 4G LTE frequencies, it seems.

The reason for that is a simple one: Nexus 4 is able to connect to the network only in those areas where AT&T uses Band 4 for the service.

In most markets, however, the wireless carrier has built its advanced fourth-generation network on Band 17, which operates on the 700 MHz frequency.

Select markets around the United States do enjoy the connectivity on Band 4, including Phoenix, Raleigh, San Juan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, Athens, GA and College Station, TX.

Users in these cities might be able to get 4G LTE up and running on a Nexus 4, though this is not a certainty either.

Unfortunately, those who managed to enable the feature on Nexus 4 did not provide specific info on how they did it, but they did prove that the smartphone can indeed be connected to 4G networks, although it was launched without the feature about a month ago. Keep an eye on this space for more info on the matter.


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