Nexus 4 Demand Said to Be 10 Times Higher than Expected

LG will ramp up production soon to resolve stock issues

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there and the first such device to arrive on shelves from South Korean mobile phone maker LG, has seen great demand since day one, and has been continuously running out of stock at retailers ever since.

Apparently, Google is the one to blame for this, since the Mountain View-based Internet giant might have underestimated demand for the handset by up to ten times.

LG France boss Cathy Robin told Challenges recently that the handset vendor had built as many Nexus 4 units as Google asked for.

Apparently, the Internet search company estimated Nexus 4 sales based on the demand for previous Nexus smartphones, which led to the aforementioned stock issues with the device.

Featuring a 4.7-inch touchscreen display and a quad-core processor packed inside, along with 2GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel photo snapper, the handset is indeed a very appealing smartphone.

Furthermore, it sports a price tag far lower than high-end smartphones packing similar specs, which drove demand for it to new heights.

Apparently, ten times more users in the UK are interested in the purchase of the Nexus 4 smartphone when compared to Google’s previsions, and the same applies to other countries as well, including Germany.

Back in December, LG said it was looking to increase production of this device, and Cathy Robin confirmed that once again. However, it would still take several weeks before that happens, which means that Nexus 4 will remain out of stock at various carriers and retailers for a while longer.

The smartphone is being sold mainly through the official Google Play Store, but various wireless carriers and third-party retailers have already added it to their offerings, including T-Mobile in the United States, which is selling it through all brick-and-mortar stores starting with this month.

Unfortunately, the Google phone costs a bit more at carriers than it would when purchased through Google Play, as Cnet notes. Those who want the device badly will certainly be willing to make this compromise.

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