Next Windows Phone 8 Update Codenamed Portico

The update is said to bring minor bug fixes and a few enhancements

There’s no doubt about it, Microsoft is currently working to deliver a Windows Phone 8 update in the following weeks. The information has been confirmed over the past few weeks by multiple sources close to the matter.

Although the complete changelog of the update will be unveiled closer to launch, we already know some of the bug fixes and enhancements that will be included in the first update for Windows Phone 8.

In fact, we reported last week on the upcoming update, which we thought would be named Apollo Plus. Well, while most of the info was accurate, the codename of the update was not even close.

The folks over at WPCentral claim that one of their trusted sources said that the next Windows Phone 8 update was codenamed “Portico.”

Even though this makes much more sense than the previous name, we should take the information with a grain of salt until Microsoft comes forward with an official statement.

The name Portico comes in line with previous Windows Phone updates, which have their names ending in -o.

However, this doesn’t mean that Microsoft cannot change the codename again with another word ending in -o.

So far, we’ve been able to dig up some information on Portico, which suggests that this is not a major upgrade, but rather an update that will bring a range of so much needed bug fixes, as well as a few new features that were skipped in the major release.

Portico is also expected to bring VPN support, along with the Notification Center that should have been included in the first place in Windows Phone 8.

Word is that Portico will also add the ability to update OTA (over the air), which is not available in previous versions of the platform. Stay tuned for more info on the subject.

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