Next Week, Some People Are Going to Discuss Killing Apple’s Business Model

San Francisco gathering to take a stab at Apple post Jobs

The Open Mobile Summit is kicking off in San Francisco next week featuring some influential people with one common topic of discussion - Open VS Apple. Speaking at the summit will be some of the biggest names in mobile, Internet and media.

The 4th annual Open Mobile Summit conference will invite high-profile figures in the mobile industry to discuss the best way to build and monetize “the open mobile Internet,” according to the organizers.

They say “This is critical as everyone in the industry looks to provide a viable alternative to Apple’s closed application ecosystem – as Google’s Android gains market share - and as smartphones, tablets and connected TVs drive apps to the cloud.”

With Steve Jobs gone, the speaker line-up looks like a bunch of sharks sensing blood in the water:

John Donahoe, CEO, eBay

Kevin Rose, CEO, Milk (and

David Small, CTO, Verizon Wireless

Kevin Packingham, SVP, Samsung

Albert Cheng, EVP Digital Media, ABC / Disney

Jason Spero, Head of Mobile Americas, Google

Tom Conrad, CTO, Pandora

Jim Lanzone, President, CBS Interactive

John Loughlin, EVP and GM, Hearst Magazines

Jim Eadie, SVP Digital, MTV

Jeff Jordan, Managing Partner, Andreesen Horowitz

Pete Distad, VP Distribution, Hulu

Jeff Smith, CEO, Smule

Andy Miller, Highland Capital (former VP iAds, Apple)

Jinsung Choi, SVP, LG Electronics

Francisco Varela, Global Head of Platform, YouTube

Scott Devitt, Consumer Internet Analyst, Morgan Stanley

Now, I would like to stress that in order to discuss open versus Apple in a fair manner, there should be a coupe more Apple advocates in that lineup.

Not saying that Apple’s way is the right way to do things but, otherwise, the purpose of that discussion is really just to see who is more annoyed by Cupertino’s business model.

So anyway, the summit takes place next week, November 2-4, at The Marriot Marquis hotel in downtown San Francisco, the organizers have confirmed today. The seats are almost fully booked so hurry up and get your place.

Disclaimer: this pamphlet is the editor's personal take on the news that mobile industry buffs are to meet up next week to discuss open vs Apple at The Open Mobile Summit.

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