Next Mass Effect Acts as Sequel to Main Trilogy, New Races Get Details - Report

New aliens and old races will be present, as will armor customization and much more

A brand new report about the next Mass Effect game in the series has just appeared online coming from a fan who got a behind-closed-doors presentation about the new title from developer BioWare.

The Mass Effect series delivered a stunning role-playing shooter experience, telling the story of Commander Shepard and his fight against the Reapers.

After the conclusion of the trilogy with Mass Effect 3, BioWare quickly confirmed that its Montreal studio is working on a brand new game set in the same universe with a new protagonist and story.

Now, after sharing just a few small details, a big report has appeared online thanks to a fan who participated in a special meeting with BioWare at the recent PAX event.

He posted his experience over on IndoctrinationTheory and confirmed that BioWare wants to make the new game a sequel, as the studio him and other fans a series of concept artworks with quite a few different races that have already been present in the franchise, like Asari, Salarian, or Krogan, but also two new beings.

"The first one being described as "Arrogant". They were really skinny, almost skeletal. Their bodies vaguely looked like a boney Turian. They had glowing eyes and a neck that frilled up from their chest (once they show it off you'll see how hard it is to describe. Their heads almost remind me of the aliens from Independence Day," he said.

"The second new race was described as "Ancient, Advanced, and Guardian". They had a similar color scheme to reapers and they looked like classic fantasy/sci-fi golems. Sleek rocky or metallic bodies with bright glowing lines flowing all over them. Some had fragmented pieces and shattered bits floating in place around them."

BioWare also showed fans models of different other races, like Asari, Salarian, Krogan, or Human, all recreated in the new Frostbite 3 engine.

Armor customization will also be quite important for the new game, as he fan was showed different concepts concerning the iconic gear characters will wear in the future game.

New vehicles such as ships and transportation vehicles, similar to Mass Effect 1's Mako, were also briefly shown by BioWare, hinting that exploration will play a big part.

What's more, BioWare is planning to make a special save game customization tool, which will easily allow players to make their choices either in the program or through a comic book.

No other details were given and BioWare is still not commenting, so take this report with a grain of salt.

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