Next Mass Effect 3 DLC Takes into Account Fan Feedback, BioWare Says

The new story-based add-on is going to appear soon

Mass Effect 3 is going to receive a brand new downloadable add-on in the near future and developer BioWare has confirmed that it took into account feedback from fans while it was creating this presumably final DLC for its role-playing shooter.

Mass Effect 3 came out almost a year ago, in March of 2012, and delivered the dramatic conclusion to the trilogy crafted by BioWare that starred Commander Shepard.

While the conclusion wasn't to everyone's liking, the studio did offer more clarity to the ending by releasing a special Extended Cut add-on, and then delivered new single-player adventures through the Leviathan and Omega DLCs, not to mention plenty of new content for the surprisingly popular multiplayer mode.

Now, two new add-ons are expected to appear, one for the single-player and one for the multiplayer, the latter of which already got some rumored details last month.

Now, BioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly has told fans on the BSN that the DLCs were supposed to appear a bit faster, but they were pushed back in order to create the Extended Cut add-on.

"The DLCs you've had were indeed pushed back from the initial planned dates to make it possible to bring the Extended Cut out as the first DLC. We didn't cut or change the remaining DLCs though. They just got shifted around on the calendar," he said.

Priestly emphasized that the team did take into account feedback from fans when creating the new add-on and that it's grown in scope based on suggestions from players.

"I can't really discuss this coming one yet, but I think it is safe to say that a lot of fan feedback went into making it. There was always one slated for this period, but I think it has grown based on what the team has seen via responses."

Rumors say that Mass Effect 3 will receive its new DLC packs on March 6, on the 1-year anniversary of the game's release.

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