Next Google Glass Version Will Come with 2GB of RAM

Google Glass users already want to make the switch, hope that the company will pay for it

Google I/O is taking place today and the Internet giant is also giving us all a sneak peek at what we may see later on after it has announced that the future Google Glass versions will ship with 2GB of RAM, double than they have now.

The announcement was made earlier today via the Glass Google+ account. “The Explorer Program has been an exciting ride, and as a result of your feedback, we’ve picked up the pace on making more improvements. In the last year we’ve made over a dozen software and several hardware updates. For example, we’ve improved battery life by over 20%, made voice search 10% faster and brought you frames, shades and prescription support,” starts off the announcement.

Furthermore, Google says that Glass users will soon be able to more easily frame pictures. The company is going to roll out a new viewfinder that can be brought up by saying “Ok Glass, show the viewfinder.” This will make the small L’s appear in the corners of the Glass screen, effectively helping frame the shots. Users can then capture the picture in the usual way.

Additional Google Now cards will be included in the future update as well. These can be used to remind users where they parked their cars and also to inform them when the ordered packages are on their way.

Naturally, original Explorer members are interested in swapping in their pairs for the new devices when they become available since the first Glass versions only came with 68S MB of free RAM since Android took up the rest. This considerably limits the way some apps run, so it’s not surprising that people are looking for an upgrade.

In fact, judging by the comments, some even consider that Google owes them this free of charge since they paid $1,500 for the gadgets. The company has kept quiet on the possibility of implementing such a program, but it doesn’t sound too far-fetched that Google would actually agree to this.

On the other hand, however, it’s the nature of tech for devices to become outdated quick, especially if it’s a device such as Google Glass. Glass was marketed as experimental from the start and it was clear that Google was working to improve it with help from the members of the Explorer program, so everyone had to know that a better version was coming.

That being said, it looks like there’s hope that Google will announce the new Glass version at the I/O conference, complete with a release date.

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