Next-Gen NVIDIA and AMD GPUs Delayed to Q4 2013

The Kepler 700 series and AMD Sea islands HD 8000 will arrive later than expected

Previously, all we knew about when NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices would launch their upcoming video cards was what had been revealed in conference calls with financial analysts.

One might say that AMD’s CEO, Rory Read was quite eloquent when he said that “we are introducing strong new APU and graphics offerings in the first half of 2013 that will accelerate our AMD business with the ultimate goal of returning AMD to profitability and positive free cash flow in the second half of this year.”

That is why the newest report made by Sweclockers has put us a bit on guard, as we are having trouble believing it.

According to it, both NVIDIA and AMD have decided to delay the release of their graphics processing units.

The Kepler 700 line and the Sea Islands Radeon HD 8000 will supposedly debut only in the fourth quarter of the year (2013).

That is a big difference from the second quarter that everyone has been harping about for the past six months.

On the other hand, AMD could launch their dual-GPU Radeon HD 7990, the one they never released last year (2012). Sweclockers says there is “talk” about this anyway, despite there already being dual-GPU HD 7990 boards, though they are called dual-HD 7970 and are sold by OEMs.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA is preparing the GeForce Titan, which will use the Gk110 chip and will be stronger than the dual-GPU GTX 690.

This monster will never really be able to fill the time gap though, not when it is too expensive for anyone but the rich, and especially not when it is only a limited run.

Not only that, but a delay of Kepler to Q4 would also imply a delay of the Maxwell as well, which is set for 2014 right now. NVIDIA would have to push back its roadmap by a year. We'll be keeping our ears open for follow-ups.

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