Next-Gen Macs Discovered in Old Boot Camp File

References to unreleased iMacs and Mac Pros traced back to November 2011

Files in Apple’s Boot Camp software assistant, which allows for the installation of other operating systems, contain evidence of new-generation Macintosh models. Though such references aren’t new (not by far, actually), the iMac 13,0 and MacPro 6,0 monikers have come to light recently, fuelling speculation that Apple might refresh its desktop line soon.

A configuration file in Boot Camp mentions unreleased versions of the all-in-one iMac and Mac Pro workstations – iMac 13,0 and MacPro 6,0.

Both these models are currently inexistent on the market, and both the iMac and the Mac Pro are long overdue for a proper refresh.

While the iMac has gone a year and a half without an upgrade, the Mac Pro has been basically forgotten in Cupertino. It’s been years since the company last gave it an overhaul.

This year’s minor speed bump has been received with a backlash from the creative community which relies on workstations like the Mac Pro to put bread on the table.

However, all is not lost yet. While Apple has clearly taken its time with the Mac Pro, CEO Tim Cook has advised fans on several occasions to just stay put and wait for the big update.

Cook hinted that new desktop Macs would arrive sometime in 2013 with powerful features. Hopefully, that’s both the iMac and the Mac Pro refresh in one.

Sadly, this type of speculation cannot be tied to the recent discovery in Boot Camp’s configuration file.

MacRumors points out in an update to its own coverage that these code strings referencing new Macs were present in Boot Camp as early as November 2011.

However, it’s fairly possible Apple had these refreshes planned since last year. The perfectionists at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California could have been testing new hardware for a while now. Maybe they’re still trying to decide on the design.

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