News from Microsoft's Company Meeting at Safeco Field

Yesterday, at Safeco Field in Seattle, took place Microsoft's big company meeting, to which tens of thousands of company's employees attended to.

The meeting was closed to the public and to the press, and in spite of the fact that Microsoft strictly forbidden twitting (because of last year's results), some people sent out bits of tweets, so we are now able to tell you a few things about it.

This year, Amy Sedaris provided comic relief as emcee, just like past hosts Seth Meyers of "Saturday Night Live" and Rainn Wilson of "The Office", but as you would expect, the public's full attention went toward the speeches and demos from company executives.

Steve Ballmer, gave an interview to The Seattle Times before the meeting and talked about the company's stagnant stock price, Windows Phone 7, Bing, and other topics, and said that his speech would include Windows Phone 7, Xbox Kinect and Internet Explorer 9.

“We've been bold in our bets,” he said, and “we've got great stuff coming.

“We better continue to be bold in what we're trying to do from a product perspective,” seattlepi reported.

According to tweets received from Microsofties inside Safeco Field, the focus was on a demo of a business intelligence app for Silverlight, that will connect to Microsoft's online productivity suite (BPOS), as well as a demo by Office exec Chris Capossela showing the way that Windows Phone 7 connects to the Office Web Apps.

Also, Ina Fried says that the best comic video was a Halo spoof in which the red team was using Windows Phone 7 for comms and targeting, while the iPhone protected the blue team - spoiler alert: the blue team had to patch and got bricked.

In the same interview, Ballmer said that he checks Facebook every day and he thinks on the lessons learned from the Kin.

When asked whether the company was done laying off workers, he basically said that “'layoffs' is a very specific word” and that what they are actually doing at Microsoft is try a new project and if it does not work, tell the team to find a job someplace else in the company.

So we could say that people are not laid-off but rather relocated within the company, and Ballmer said that they are “going to continue to do that sort of thing”.

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