Newlyweds Hot Air Balloon Crashes in San Diego – Video

12 members of the wedding party were on board, accompanying the bride and broom

The happiest day in a couple's life ended in a big bang as the hot air balloon they boarded right after the ceremony crashed.

Raw footage of the harsh landing can be watched above. The Mirror writes that groom Jonathan and bride Kerin Narcisse were joined by 12 other people on the balloon. The incident occurred in San Diego, right after they had exchanged vows.

It's incredible to see how collected they are in the face of possible tragedy. Fortunately, all ends well and, by the looks of it, nobody gets seriously hurt during this bumpy ride.

One guest suffered minor back injury, but the newlyweds ended their first journey together relatively unscathed. The balloon landed in someone's garden, in the Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood, outside the city.

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