New iPhone Development Courses at Edison Labs University

Learn how to be a successful iPhone developer

Saratoga, CA-based Edison Labs University has announced an introductory 4-day course for developers seeking to rapidly acquire the basic skills and knowledge to develop professional-level iPhone apps. Advanced courses are available as well, while the introductory course is available at a special price.

If you're looking to craft applications for sale on the App Store, this class might be just what you need, as it enables a developer to build applications using the iPhone SDK; use the iPhone simulator; download, test and debug applications on an iPhone and iPod touch. The class could potentially help those who've already started up on their own, but need a boost to get them going faster, and ultimately get their app into the hands of iPhone users as soon as possible.

The introduction is basically a “4 day class for developers with knowledge of object programming seeking to become a[n] iPhone developer,” Edison Labs says. “[The class] introduces you to the core iPhone tools, the simulator, debugger, and the basics for creating a professional iPhone application [that] requires some knowledge of Computer programming but no knowledge of iPhone development,” a post on the University's website reads.

Classes are taught by Instructors that are current developers of iPhone applications. To help convey the information and techniques to get you developing iPhone applications, they use a combination of short lectures and directed assignments. To give students even more confidence that they can take on more challenges, some projects offer variable assignments.

“All classes reviewed by University level Instructor for content quality, exercise challenge levels, and course correctness,” according to the Edison Labs website. The registration Price for the class is normally $2350, but is now on sale for a limited time for early registration for only $1995.

Visit Edison Labs University here for more information on iPhone Developer Classes.

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