New iPhone 5 Leak Corroborates Rumors of Edge-to-Edge Screen Design

An alleged 'iPhone 5G' case has emerged over at, a Chinese online retailer previously responsible with leaking iDevice information.

Generally accurate in its leaks, the Chinese source appears to have obtained a substantial batch of iPhone 5 (they say iPhone ‘5G’) cases of which any customer can order as many as 1000 pieces.

They seem to originate from Shenzen, where many parts for Apple’s iPhones and iPods stem from.

The ‘detailed product description’ says the cases are made of “high-quality PC material” (whatever that means) and that it’s a “100% brand new hard case”.

It also states that it’s a “hot selling” though we’re reluctant to believe this just-emerged product is already selling like hot cake.

After all, Apple’s iPhone 5 may end up looking a lot different than what these images show.

Speaking of which, the pictures seem to corroborate rumors that Apple will adopt an edge-to-edge screen design, in order to increase its real estate.

The Home button seems to be surrounded by a white bezel and, according to the photo, the LED camera flash will be situated on the right-hand corner, as opposed to the left where it is now situated on the iPhone 4 next to the camera sensor.

However, since this is only a rough mockup of what the case manufacturers believe will be the next iPhone, it is fair to assume they just let their imagination go a tad too far, perhaps hoping to generate new iPhone 5 headlines.

Alibaba also posts a list of key features of the iPhone 5G case, again specifically noting the Apple device it is aimed at.

1.100% brand new high quality crystal case for iphone 5g .

2. Provides a comfortable grip, added protection against accidental drops .

3. Perfectly fits the iPhone 5g, easy to insert and remove .

4. Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls & ports without having to remove the case.

5. Durable and Beautiful design

6. Size: perfect fit

7. Color : Many colors available

8. Shipment:DHL,UPS,EMS,FEDEX,TNT,choose anyone in your convenience

9. OEM/ODM welcomed.

Also notable is that they say it’s a “perfect fit” suggesting manufacturer has strapped one on a prototype iPhone 5G.

Needless to point out, we only report on these findings for the sake of keeping our readers informed. We wouldn’t give this leak too much credence, though.

Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone is expected to arrive this fall, with the first actual hints from Apple likely emerging next month at WWDC 2011.

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