New iPad Models Expected to Affect Sales of Expensive Windows/Android Slates [DigiTimes]

The Cupertino tech giant is gearing up to unleash its latest tablet models

With the next-gen iPad and iPad mini on the way, Apple is expected to do the same as it always does, considerably axe down the prices for the current generation.

However, this strategy will impact Microsoft’s second-gen Surface slates and freshly squeezed Android models, sources from the upstream supply chain, quoted by DigiTimes, are saying.

The next-generation iPads are expected to come bearing a price tag similar to the current models. The iPad mini starts at $329 / €243, while the fully-fledged Apple slate bears a price tag of $499 / €368 up. With this in mind, the reduced prices of the soon-to-be-previous-gen models will end up impacting and cannibalizing to some degree 10-inch slates priced $399 / €294 and above and 7-inch models priced $299 / €220 and above.

Even if Microsoft stated that the pre-orders for its Surface 2 line had been encouraging, sources believe these particular models are going to suffer the most. The Surface 2 is available for $449 / €331, while the Surface Pro 2 is $899 / €663.

Sources also paint a negative picture when it comes to Nokia’s upcoming unveiling of some 10.1-inch slates running Windows 8.1 or Windows RT. It is expected that the slates won’t achieve great popularity even if they are going to retail for $499 / €331.

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