New Zealand Exposed to Being Completely Cut Off from the Internet

The number of cyberattacks increased by 50% in the past year

Similar to other countries around the world, New Zealand is also beginning to realize the risks posed by cyber threats. Over the past years, the number of cyberattacks against the country’s computers has doubled and New Zealand is at risk of being completely cut off from the Web.

Ian Fletcher, the director of New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau, has told One News that the number of attacks has gone up by around 50%.

Fletcher highlights that the situation is similar in Australia, but Australia is not as vulnerable as New Zealand.

Compared to Australia, the United States and most European countries, New Zealand is less resistant to being cut off completely from the Internet.

The threat comes from two directions: hackers and natural disasters.

Internet is provided to New Zealand via two lines that come in through Auckland. If anything were to happen, the country could be cut off from the Web for a long period.

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