New York Unemployment Scam Spreads Info-Stealing Trojan

ZeuS is the name of the malware used in this cybercriminal operation

GFI Software experts have come across an interesting spam email this week. It purports to come from the New York Division of Unemployment Assistance and it’s entitled “Action Required - Time Sensitive Material.”

The emails read something like this:

“A former employee(s) of your company or organization recently filed a claim for benefits with the New York Division of Unemployment Assistance (DUA).

In order to process this claim, DUA needs information about each former employee. You are requested to: Provide Wage and Separation information (Form 1062/1074) And/Or Provide Separation Pay Information.

If you do not provide this information, you may lose your right to appeal any determination made on the claim. To provide this information electronically, please log-in to the qUIk Response System on the DUA website and complete any outstanding forms.”

The link in the email doesn’t point to the New York Department of Labor, nor any other legitimate unemployment service. Instead, it leads victims to a site that’s designed to serve visitors ZeuS – a piece of malware that specializes in stealing sensitive information from computers.

Beware of such emails. If you come across one, delete it or report it to the proper authorities.

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