New York Commuters Wait for the Bus or Subway for Hours, After Superstorm Sandy

Hundreds line up to catch a ride, with most lines still blocked

Superstorm Sandy left New York City paralyzed, with thousands waiting in line for hours to catch the very few buses and subways that are up and running.

This picture captures the reality of post-Sandy New York. It was originally posted on Instagram, and since then it has been republished by many media outlets. The photo illustrates commuters struggle to get on with work and daily chores, as they try to secure a spot on the bus.

The shot was captured outside a bus station in Brooklyn, New York, by user Virginia Laird. The woman captured the footage from her apartment window, overlooking the bus station.

As NY Daily News reports, there are only three Brooklyn – Manhattan shuttle buses running at this point, with more to be made available as power is restored in the rest of Manhattan.

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