New York Building Collapse Caught on Video, 20 Bug Bombs Exploded

The "foggers" or roach bombs exploded on the first floor

The building explosion and crash in Chinatown yesterday has reportedly been caused by as many as 20 bug bombs exploding, police say.

As I mentioned earlier, the collapse was caused by an explosion at Piao Liang Ren Sheng Beauty Salon where a number of roach bombs had been set.

The "foggers" went off on the first floor and the flames rose to the second and third floors. According to Huffington Post, fire code violations were reported at the building on 17 Pike St. in New York.

The aftermath of the blast has been captured on video and you can make out that there was serious structural damage to the building.

Twelve people were injured and they were transported to Bellevue, New York-Presbyterian, Beacon and Beth Israel hospitals.

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