New Yahoo Mail Goes on a Safari (3.0)

Update to become available within a couple of weeks

With almost everyone that uses the Internet these days having a Yahoo Mail account, it was only fair to make the latest version of the world's most popular webmail service available to more Mac users, particularly those using Safari 3.0. Updates from Yahoo should be available within the following weeks, according to Yahoo Mail Community Manager, Ryan K.

"Yahoo Mail is now fully accessible from Safari 3.0 on the Mac!" he says. "Our guys have been working feverishly to make sure that everything works as intended," he went on, adding that "some have even made the occasional trip down the road to 'The Mother-ship' (as many a Mac enthusiast has called it)."

So, we now have confirmation that the new, updated version of Yahoo Mail is going to be available for Safari 3.0 users very soon. Also, Mac owners using Mac OS 10.4.11 aka Tiger, as well as those using any version of Leopard (Mac OS 10.5.whatever.) will benefit from the exact same features, brought available with the new Yahoo Mail facelift: "The rollout is already underway, and we hope to have the updates out to most of you within the next couple weeks," says Ryan K.

As you can imagine, the latest version of the popular webmail service features a couple of extras, besides the new interface, such as keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you're reading an exciting topic and want to forward it immediately to one of your friends, just hit the "f" key and the forward window appears. All you need to do is add a few words yourself (if you wish) and click send. That's it! Also, hit "r" to reply and "n" for a new message, with dozens of other shortcuts being available. Now, tell me you don't want that on Safari.

Mail Classic is already available for Mac owners browsing with Safari and Firefox, but Yahoo wants a broader audience of Mac users to benefit from the new features. And don't forget, as Ryan himself says, "there are some other enhancements that aren't Mac specific," so those using different operating systems "be on the lookout."

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