New Wireless Carrier Launches in the UK: The People's Operator

It will redirect 25 percent of its profits to charity

Today, a new wireless carrier has launched its services in the UK, namely The People's Operator (TPO), which promises great mobile deals, coverage and customer service.

Furthermore, the new provider notes that it will also offer its customers the possibility to support charities, community groups and other good causes throughout the UK.

The wireless carrier will enable its customers to take advantage of free calls and texts to anyone on the TPO network, while saying that 25 percent of its profits will go to great causes.

“Customers can direct TPO to give 10% of their call, text and data spend to a charity, community group or other good cause of their choice,” the carrier notes.

“Organisations can receive 10% of call, text and data spend in respect of any customers that they sign up to TPO.”

This is the very first wireless carrier in the UK willing to give 25 percent of its profits to great causes, along with 10 percent of what users spend on calls, texts and data.

At the same time, the wireless carrier says it will provide organizations with the possibility to fulfill their CSR commitments. When switching to TPO, 10 percent of all call, text and data spend will be redirected to their nominated cause.

TPO customers will also be offered the possibility to receive updates on their mobile phones on the manner in which their money is being spent by the good causes they have opted to support. More info can be found on the company's website.

“TPO is a UK based company whose management and customer service teams are all based in London,” the carrier also notes.

“Charities, community groups and other good causes will receive grants from the TPO Foundation, an independent charity whose donations will have the ultimate effect of strengthening society and supporting local communities.”

Sir Christopher Kelly, the chair of the committee on Standards in Public Life and Chair of the King's Fund; Kevin Curley CBE, the former chief executive of NAVCA, trustee of CFG and a member of the advisory council of the NCVO; and Andrew Rosenfeld, former chair of the NSPCC FULL STOP Campaign, are the tree founders of the Foundation.

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