New Windows Phone 8 Ads Starring Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani

Microsoft stresses on platforms personalization capabilities

Microsoft brought Jessica Alba on stage at the Windows Phone 8 launch event to promote the personalization features of the new operating system flavor, but the company did not stop there.

In fact, the Redmond-based software giant partnered with more celebrities to promote the platform, and it has just released new video ads in this regard.

Beginning Wednesday, November 14, Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 TV ads started airing in the US, UK and France, and will arrive in Germany as well in the coming days.

Two of these feature Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani and can be seen at the bottom of this article, showing how easy it is for users to transform the start screen of the platform according to their needs.

Microsoft explains that these video ads have been designed to provide a glimpse at the personalization options of the new mobile operating system flavor, destined to fit the personality and custom usage habits of different users.

“The spots each have their own flavor, with Jessica you’ll see her as a busy working mom, actress and entrepreneur, and she’ll tell the story of how she uses her phone to stay connected to what she cares about most,” the company explains.

“With Gwen, you’ll see how she stays organized and connected in her busy life as a musician and fashion designer. They bring to life the idea that Microsoft didn’t make a phone for all of us, but for each of us.”

The company also says that it will take a local approach in each market where the new video ads are aired, with relevant personalities and apps for users in those regions.

Apparently, this is only one of the means Microsoft will use for promoting Windows Phone, such as in-store challenges in partnership with wireless carriers and manufacturers to raise awareness on the OS.

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