New Windows Logo Concept and Microsoft Motto Revealed

In a video presented at the Microsoft Global Exchange

The Windows logo has suffered a range of transformations over the past two decades, and while the fundamental design has kept its consistency, the visual identity of Microsoft’s proprietary operating system has evolved along with the platform. Just the other day, the company’s Windows Recession Sweepstakes focused on having participants point out which of the various Windows logos they prefer. A video published recently on YouTube reveals some rather edgy approaches to overhauling the logos for Windows and additional Microsoft products, from the MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange).

While the video can no longer be accessed, having been pulled down, some screenshots are still available, revealing new concept logos for Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Bing and Office, courtesy of Engadget. Users should keep in mind the fact that the logos included in this article are nothing more than concepts. In this regard, Microsoft emphasized that Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Bing and Office will continue to be marketed under their current visual identities.

The designs included in the MGX are only experiments set up to illustrate the flexibility of the software giant’s joined brands. However, users should not expect to see major rebrands for any of the product mentioned above.

Still, there is one aspect of the video which was actually confirmed officially by Microsoft. The Redmond company will be getting a new motto to go along with its brand. According to the software giant the new tagline is “Be What’s Next.” Microsoft has yet to reveal the official date when the new motto will go live, or under what circumstances it will be featured alongside the now traditional logo for the company. “be What’s Next” is certainly illustrative of a break from tradition, emphasizing a new Microsoft, that not only focuses on the future, but that is also an invitation to embrace it.

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