New “Warm Bodies” Trailer Has More of John Malkovich

Zombies can literally be brought to life, but can they be turned vegan as well?

“Warm Bodies,” the zom-rom-com from director Jonathan Levine (he who helmed the critically acclaimed “50/50”), got a brand new, 1-minute trailer. Check it in full above.

Scheduled for release on February 1, almost in time for Valentine’s Day and hopefully with the potential to reinvent the spent genre of zombie flicks, “Warm Bodies” proposes to present a love story like no other.

Nicholas Hoult is a flesh-eating zombie whose sole purpose in life is to roam the streets for the proverbial “Brains!.”

His path crosses with that of a blonde, innocent-looking, living girl played by Teresa Palmer, which is when he falls in love and the zombification process starts to go in reverse.

Her father is John Malkovich, of whom we get to see a bit more than in the previous two trailers. As he puts it, he has serious doubts that zombies can be turned vegan even if they do seem able to mysteriously acquire a heartbeat.

Enjoy the new video!

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