New Versions of Mass Effect 3’s Ending Are Complete Scams

People are already being tricked with downloadable endings for Mass Effect 3

Scammers have begun taking advantage of the controversy surrounding Mass Effect 3's ending and are now advertising new downloadable endings for the PC version of the game. Unfortunately, they’re just filled with links to dubious sites and won’t bring any new conclusion to the game.

Mass Effect 3 appeared at the beginning of the month and, since then, the fanbase has been in an uproar over the ending of the game. According to them, the conclusion of the title doesn’t bring any closure, dismisses their previous decisions, and just lacks any thought.

Developer BioWare has since promised that new downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 will address the ending but, until then, many fans are already looking for alternatives to the game’s current conclusion.

Scammers have started taking advantage of this, and have begun advertising their own downloadable “endings” for Mass Effect 3 either on YouTube or on various other websites.

One such case was spotted by GFI Labs, in the form of a YouTube video that had a special link in its description to a downloadable ending.

“Last Mass Effect 3 Ending, was really bad, but here, you have NEW, EXCITING ENDING.

You only need, to downlad [sic], and run it, downloader will automacitally [sic] start, download, new ending files, you will like it,” the video’s description read, before linking to a special zip archive.

As you can tell by the array of typos and poor punctuation, this is just a scam.

The archive was analyzed and ultimately included just a text file in which the so-called developer asked Mass Effect 3 owners to go to another shady site and actually download the new ending for their game.

In order to avoid any virus or other problems, until BioWare officially announces and releases any DLC for Mass Effect 3, be careful what you access or download, as it’s probably just a scam.

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