New Version of Changeup Malware Found Targeting India, Mexico, Other Countries

Symantec experts are currently monitoring the updated variant

The piece of malware detected as W32.Changeup has been making the rounds since mid-2009 and its developers don’t seem to be willing to give up on it just yet. Symantec experts have found a new variant of this threat circulating in the wild.

The highest number of detections has been recorded in India and Mexico, but the malware has been spotted all over North America, several South American countries and even in some parts of Africa.

Once it compromises a computer, Changeup installs additional malicious elements such as Backdoors and Trojans. It spreads via removable and mapped drives by using Windows’ Autorun feature.

Symantec has updated both its antivirus and its Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) to ensure that they’re capable of neutralizing this new version of the threat.

Users who want to know how to secure their computers against pieces of malware that utilize the Autorun feature to spread can check out the advisory made by the security firm.

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