New VLC for Windows 8 Clone Approved by Microsoft for Download

The attack of clones continues in the Windows 8 Store

As we reported to you only a few days ago, more and more VLC for Windows 8 clones were getting published in the Store, even though Microsoft had promised to pay much more attention to apps offered to adopters of its latest OS.

Today, a new clone got Microsoft’s go-ahead to be listed in the Store, this time called VLC 8.1 HD Player and offered with a price tag of $8.99 (€6.76).

At first, some users might actually be tricked into believing that this is the original VLC app, but the way the Store description looks makes it really obvious that it’s nothing more than spam.

“VLC 8.1 HD Player is recent version of store. It plays all major video and audio. It is designed to play all types of video including HD,BLU RAY videos and audios like mp3,wav. You can play movies from removable disk also. VLC have Playlist and FullSceen option. Its an Fast and Amazing Video player. And it designed AppBar with beatuiful UI Button like .Play .Pause .Rewind .Forward .Mute .Full Screen.Playlist and also background capability,” the description of the app reads (notice the spelling mistakes).

Unfortunately, at least one user has already purchased the app, as there’s no trial version available to give the program a spin before buying the full build.

The only review published in the Store right now says pretty much everything about this application. “It’s a waste of money,” one of the Windows 8 consumers who had purchased it wrote.

Unfortunately, such clones are published in the Store on a daily basis, so we’re still waiting for Microsoft to start a broad clean-up and remove those items that do nothing more than steal people’s money.

In the meantime, the original VLC for Windows 8 app is still under development, but expect an official announcement to be made soon.

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