New USB 3.0 Hub Adds Seven Ports to Any PC

The principle is pretty much the same as on Ethernet switches

Just as a multi-port switch can divide an Internet signal between several PCs and consumer electronics devices, a USB hub allows multiple USB devices to link through the same Universal Serial Interface.

StarTech is the one launching a new hub of the latter type, featuring seven USB 3.0 connectors. Its name is ST7300USBM.

The product has a no-nonsense rectangular shape, built-in wall mount brackets, 350W surge protection (per port) and even 2-wire terminal block for 7 to 40V DC power input (good for high-power devices).

What's more, the optional DIN Rail mounting kit makes it easy to add to existing circuit breakers and industrial control equipment.

The product page has more information on the ins and outs. Find it here.

Sadly, the price is rather high: £116.99 / 140 Euro / $187.52.

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