New UGNazi Hackers Take Credit for Facebook, Gmail Outages

A popular site can't go down without someone taking credit for the downtime

Hackers are attempting to revive the notorious UGNazi collective. One of their first orders of business was to deface the website of Panasonic Brazil.

Shortly after, the hackers rushed to take credit for the outages experienced by Facebook and Gmail yesterday.

“We took down gmail. We created a tool that exploits a #0day,” the hackers said, cited by CWN.

In a later tweet they said, “We just fired on using the same 0day as with gmail. Twitter you are next. #NaziGod. Cyber war is declared.”

Of course, the more likely causes for the outages were technical difficulties. Facebook representatives told TNW that the issues were caused by the changes made to their DNS infrastructures.

However, a popular website can’t just go down without some hacker collective rushing to take credit for the downtime. The old UGNazi did it, and it appears that the new collective is doing the same.

As far as the threats they made against Twitter are concerned, the social media site suspended the new @NaziGod account shortly after the tweet was posted.

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