New Type of Ultrabook Revealed: Ultrabook Convertible (Video)

It turns out that ASUS Taichi was the forerunner for a new product design

It might be because of the Samsung vs. Apple battle, or all the other patent wars going on, but we thought ASUS would want to keep the idea behind the Taichi to itself.

It has come to our attention that the product design, with a second screen on the lid of the ultrabook, isn't exclusive to ASUS.

Intel calls it “Ultrabook Convertible” and even released a quirky commercial whose message is that, once you have one of these laptops, everything else seems old-fashioned.

ASUS officially launched Taichi and all other Windows 8 products several days ago. Other PC makers should provide Ultrabook Convertibles sooner or later.

We suspect CES 2012 is where most will show up, but we wouldn't be surprised if a couple of them arrive in time for Christmas shopping.

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