New Steam for Linux Client Update Repairs Exit Bug, Download Now

The latest version of Steam for Linux can be downloaded from Softpedia

Steam for Linux, the digital distribution platform developed by Valve, has just received an important update and gets a little closer to a stable release.

Steam for Linux is still in the Beta stage of development and Valve is making a lot of changes to the client.

The previous release of the client was just a few days ago, but the developers have pushed another version, with a complete other set of changes and improvements.

Highlights of Steam for Linux

• Stopping the game installation when pressing cancel button in installation wizard has been fixed;

• A crash that occurred when initiating a voice chat (present in previous beta) has been fixed;

• The trade menu item in multi-user chats has been disabled;

• Potentially losing input focus while searching the store has been fixed;

• The size of main menu UI sometimes was being incorrect displayed when navigating backward in the store;

• Displaying a list of all DLC for an application in the store is now possible;

• Copied text range sometimes were incorrectly displayed if you selected the text to copy in a backwards direction via the mouse;

• The Community button in Big Picture menu can now be used with gamepad or the keyboard arrow keys;

• Improved perf during screen transitions in Big Picture (fewer OGL FBO object create/free operations);

• A problem that caused Steam to start again when exiting has been fixed;

• The visible window re-positioning bug on Gnome desktop has been repaired;

• Resize icons appropriately when adding icon to non-steam games;

• The case that allowed two radio buttons to be selected has been repaired;

• A list of favorite and popular Guides has been added to library and overlay.

A complete list of changes can be found in the official announcement. Keep in mind that this is Beta software, so problems are bound to appear.

Download Steam for Linux right now from Softpedia.

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