New Steam for Linux Client Gets a GUI Update and Automatic Repair Capabilities

Valve has made a few important modifications to the Steam interface

Valve has announced that the latest Steam for Linux Beta build has been promoted to stable, bringing a huge number of changes and a new important feature.

The Steam for Linux Beta branch is continuously developed and, from time to time, Valve pushes all the updates from the Beta, only used by people who choose to test it, to the stable branch.

This latest update has introduced a new feature in the main window of Steam, the Community menu. It was already implemented, in a more simplistic fashion, on the official Steam website.

Highlights of Steam for Linux:

• The Steam navigation menu now displays the user name as an entry;

• International characters are now handled correctly in the text entry fields;

• Web proxy detection logic has been improved;

• Various Steam UI glitches, which occurred when navigating to a new page and quickly pressing the Stop button, have been repaired;

• The Back/Forward action on web pages no longer forgets the scroll position;

• All Counter-Strike users can now connect to the Counter-Strike Beta program;

• Converting Counter-Strike to the new content download system is now done correctly;

• The web page load indicator has been corrected and it's working properly;

• Automatic repair capabilities have been added for critical Steam files and no Internet connection is required for this feature;

• Steam for Linux no longer gets stuck in offline mode;

• A crash that would sometimes happen, when a user would cancel the update process, has been repaired;

• Canceling the client update process no longer shows an error.

• A problem which prompted Steam to become unresponsive, while uploading error reports, has been corrected;

• The Big Picture Mode window no longer loses focus after the user exits a game;

• The new driver pop-up is no longer shown in Big Picture Mode.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement.

Download Steam for Linux right now from Softpedia.

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