New Sony Ericsson Phone Spotted: Bao

W395 Walkman gets new colors

Japanese-Swedish joint venture Sony Ericsson seems determined to come to the market with a series of rather unusual handsets. One of these devices has just been spotted, in the form of the Sony Ericsson Kiki, which comes with a futuristic design, namely a few buttons and a transparent display, and now another such phone emerges into the wild, the Sony Ericsson Bao.

The new handset is unusual not due to the fact that its design is something that we haven't seen before (actually we did, in Nokia 7070 Prism) or because it packs a series of unheard-of-before features, but because it can be easily considered an ugly phone. The live pictures of the handset speak for themselves in this direction.

The device, as one can easily see, sports a flip form factor, the same as Nokia 7070 Prism, by the way. There are no exact details on what capabilities it will bring when it will become available on the market, nor on when that will happen or the price tag. What can be spotted from these photos is the fact that the Sony Ericsson Bao will come with a photo snapper, although it doesn't seem to be that thick, as the handsets included in the latest trend on the market are.

While waiting for a series of other details on this mobile phone to surface, we should say a few words on another Sony Ericsson device, namely W395 Walkman. This sliding handset has just been enhanced with a pair of new colors, Fiesta Black and Happy Pink. According to the news, both colors will come to users in select markets, yet the mobile phone maker hasn't announced just yet which ones. For what it's worth, enthusiasts will certainly rejoice upon learning that new color schemes are available for the handset.


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