New Sony CMOS Sensor Has Back Illumination

Set to ship in March, 2012, it is aimed at more adaptable and functional cameras

Not one to miss all the demand for cameras with extra functionality and adaptability, Sony decided to build a new type of camera CMOS sensor.

The CMOS sensor made by Sony is unique in how it places the pixel section (with the back-illuminated structure pixels) on the chip that has the circuit section (which processes signals).

This layered structure lets it provide a better functionality and image quality.

Also, since the sensor is smaller, it can allow for cameras as a whole to become smaller as well, especially if the other components somehow become more compact.

Sony chose to name this invention 'stacked CMOS sensor' and says it is faster and renders images better than standard sensors while consuming less power.

Sample shipments will begin at some point in March this year (2012).

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