New “Skyfall” Featurette: See It in IMAX

23rd James Bond installment drops in US theaters today, November 9

On the occasion of the US release of the latest James Bond film, the 23rd to date, “Skyfall,” Sony Pictures has released a brand new featurette meant to convince you to see it in IMAX.

Check it out in full and in HD above.

As director Sam Mendes explains, the pressure to deliver the biggest and best James Bond movie was huge but, as I noted in my review of the film, “Skyfall” delivers on all points.

One thing they focused on in particular was making the movie an even greater experience in IMAX as compared to traditional screens.

“IMAX’s presentation of SKYFALL has been specially formatted to feature a larger aspect ratio (the relationship between an image’s width and height) for the entirety of the film,” Sony explains.

“The IMAX team worked with filmmakers in the post-production process to increase the aspect ratio of the film and designed the IMAX presentation of SKYFALL to allow audiences to see up to 26% more of the originally captured image than the conventional release,” the movie studio adds.

In other words, if you see “Skyfall” in IMAX, you see more of the movie than if you’d see it on a regular screen. There’s really no reason not to see it in IMAX, if you think about it.

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