New Skimpy H&M Beckham Ad Is Out, Already Viral

David Beckham teams up with Guy Ritchie for new TV commercial

David Beckham has long been the face – and body – of H&M but, if you thought last year’s Super Bowl ad was likely to get you hot under the collar, you clearly haven’t seen the new one yet.

Check it out above but please bear in mind that, since this is a lingerie commercial, *some discretion is recommended when viewing it.

The new line is called Bodywear while the new ad gets Guy Ritchie as director.

Based on a concept by Marc Atlan Design, H&M and Beckham’s team, it shows Becks running through the neighborhood in his skivvies, in a desperate attempt to get his robe back, which was caught in the door of the family’s car, which is speeding away.

The idea is ridiculous, of course but, seriously, what were you expecting from a lingerie commercial?

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