New SilverStone Raven 2 Evolution PC Case Appears In a White Garb

Even though ravens are known for their midnight-black plumage, SilverStone is unfettered by what is normally unchangeable reality and created an incarnation of its Raven 2 Evolution that is more akin to snow than anything else.

Whether or not it was meant to pay a sort of homage to the white layer of snow that covers the land during winter, SilverStone's new, white case has been released.

It is a limited edition of the aforementioned Raven 2 Evolution and seems to be identical to the original, save for its immaculate white coating.

Thus, it measures 212 (W) x 503 (H) x 643 (D) mm, being a massive tower chassis that promises to accommodate any high-end hardware, even long, powerful graphics cards.

That said, it boasts a 90 degree motherboard mounting system, the same one that the raven RV01 had, which can hold 11-inch wide ATX platforms.

There are also five exposed 5.25-inch bays, for optical disk drives (ODDs) or whatever other accessories, like fan controllers, are designed in this form factor.

Of course, such a product, in addition to its expansion slots and internal HDD/SSD bays (one 2.5-inch and five 3.5-inch bays), also needs a cooling capability good enough to cope with the heat generation of powerful hardware.

Thus, in addition to a 120mm top fan, SilverStone put in a trio of Air Penetrator fans at the bottom, all of them measuring 180mm in diameter.

Of course, like in all self-respecting high-end enclosures, watercooling radiators are supported.

A final asset of the white limited edition SilverStone Raven 2 Evolution is the front I/O panel, which includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports and audio ports.

All the above are crammed inside a package built of 0.8mm steel and weighing 12.5 kilograms. Any consumers interested in it can find it online for the price of $195.99.

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