New Serious Sam 3 Patch Improves Performance on Linux

This is a beta patch, but anyone can download it and test it

Serious Sam 3: BFE is a very serious first-person shooter, as the name suggests, and it has just received a major update that greatly improves its performance.

The Croteam studio has been hard at work and it is trying its best to make Serious Sam 3: BFE one of the best shooters for Linux.

The latest update for the game can be enabled by selecting the public Beta option from Steam. Here is a short list with the highlights of the patch:

• A workaround has been added for a bug in the ATI OpenGL driver, which was causing the menu and the loading background to be black;

• The postprocessing shader system has been refactored and optimized. This means that some effects are up to five times faster;

• The Choose Levels menu now shows bigger thumbnails for each level, and best statistics for the current player;

• A crash caused by a Sirian bracelet, when multithreaded rendering was enabled, has been fixed;

• A crash that could happen if a player carrying a flag in CTF game fell into abyss, while in third-person mode (with multithreaded rendering enabled), has been fixed;

• The performance has been improved on the Linux platform;

• The default "program has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way" message is replaced new logging, which can be actually useful in troubleshooting;

• Support has been added for users who want to remap the controller;

• Control mappings have been added on Linux for XBox 360, Playstation 3 and Logitech F510/F310/F710 controllers.

To install the beta, follow these steps:

• locate the game (Serious Sam 3 in this case) in the Steam's "Library" panel

• right click and invoke "Properties"

• select the "Betas" tab

• choose "publicbeta"

More details about the changes introduced with the patch can be found in the official announcement on Steam’s website.

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