New RemoteIt RAT Advertised on Hacker Forums

Security researcher Suriya Prakash has analyzed the RAT

Security researcher Suriya Prakash reports that a new web-based Remote Access Trojan (RAT) is being advertised on hacker forums. Dubbed RemoteIt, the RAT is currently being tested, but when it is released, it will cost around $20 (15 EUR).

“Unlike other RATs, the controller is fully online, instead of in the person's computer. This is technically a HTTP botnet, but it has the features of a desktop RAT,” he explained.

According to Suriya, the beta version of RemoteIt comes with features such as pop-up messages, a file manager, webcam capture, remote desktop and a download feature.

However, the final variant will also include a “survey sender” and a Socks5 proxy.

The expert says the client is developed in C#, while the web panel is coded in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS.

“I see alot of hope for these types of botnets as it brings together the flexibility and ease of use of a HTTP botnet and the functionality of a RAT and so my guess is that we will see a LOT more of such botnets in 2013,” the researcher wrote on his blog.

“The only thing I see as a problem for these types of botnets is stability but if coded right then it would definitely be possible to have stability.”

Suriya says that the source code might be put up for sale.

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