New Photos with Palm Pre 2 Emerge

Palm Pre 2, the second generation high-end Pre smartphone the Sunnyvale-based mobile phone maker reportedly plans to bring to the market in the near future, has just made another appearance into the wild, this time in a clearer, higher-quality image.

The new mobile phone is expected to land on shelves with the company's new webOS 2.0 operating system on board, while boasting upgraded hardware components, but no specific info on its actual landing emerged for the time being.

We already had the chance to spot the new handset in some leaked images from wireless carrier SFR France, but newer photos with it, available via mobifrance, show a little more than before on what Pre 2 should include.

The second generation Pre should come similar looks with the original device (Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus included), though some visual changes can also be spotted there.

For starters, we should note that a thin black bezel can be seen on the front of the new device, running around the touchscreen display, in addition to a matte-black finish that can be seen on the handset's front.

Basically, the new mobile phone would come as a Palm Pre with a series of improvements, though many other features are expected to remain unchanged, including the 320 x 480 pixels screen resolution, as PreCentral notes in a recent article.

On the inside, the Pre 2 should pack a 1GHz application processor, complemented by 512 MB of RAM, capable of offering a much better experience than what the original device could offer.

However, there is still a wide range of details unknown for the time being, including info on the handset's internal memory, on its connectivity options, microSD support, photo snapper, multimedia capabilities, and the like.

Based on the latest series of leaks on it, we might expect for Pre 2 to become official in the near future, hopefully at the same time when Palm announces the new webOS platform.

One thing that should be interesting to watch is whether Palm would plan on making the handset available for purchase in the United States first, just as it did with the original device, or it would bring it to European markets in the beginning, followed by the US after a while.


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