New Photos Show iPhone 6 Design in Silver and Space Gray

Handset to launch in fall, likely during a special iPhone-centric event

As Foxconn is ramping up production of the iPhone 6 for Apple, new mockups have emerged depicting the 4.7-inch version of the handset in Silver and Space Gray, two of the colors that Apple currently uses for the existing iPhone line.

While not depicting fully assembled iPhones, the images do a good job showing us what to expect in terms of design from the Cupertino giant this year. In about three months or so, the phone revealed in the above photo will become a reality.

In line with all the rumors, the hardware sports a larger form factor and new cutouts in places where there was nothing on previous versions of the iPhone.

The volume buttons are elongated (resembling those on the fifth-generation iPod touch) and the antenna windows on the back are being carried over this year as well. The top and bottom bezels remain relatively big, and the Sleep/Wake button has been relocated to one of the sides.

Going by the leaks, Apple is sticking with the Lightning connector but it seems that the jack will remain in place (i.e. Lightning will not take on its duties full time).

This is a mockup of the 4.7-inch model, but a larger 5.5-inch version is also said to be in the works. According to Bloomberg earlier today, the phablet is going into production next month but will most likely incur yield problems because of manufacturing hurdles.

iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray)
iPhone 6 mockup (Space Gray)

Sources with knowledge of the matter told the news agency that Apple is indeed planning to roll out not one, but two distinctly fresh iPhones this year, one of which will be high-end.

There are concerns regarding the 5.5-inch model because of the carryover in design. Specifically, the top and bottom bezels appear to be much larger and downright a waste of space on the handset, while also making it appear too big for regularly-sized hands.

While images of the 5.5-inch version could well be inaccurate, mockups of its smaller sibling should be on track with Apple’s internal plans. The hardware is made by third-party case manufacturers who reportedly got hold of the original blueprints for the phone.

In all fairness, the leaks could all be inaccurate, which would be a pleasant surprise, should Apple release a bolder design. However, the consensus among pundits and analysts alike is that these images depict the final design of the handset, so don’t raise your hopes too high for a change in scenery around fall.


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