New “Paranormal Activity 4” Trailer: Creepy Robbie Is Creepy

Fourth installment picks up right after the original film

A new trailer for the fourth installment of the horror franchise “Paranormal Activity” has been released and, as you can see in the video below, it features “creepy Robbie” being extremely creepy.

This new “PA” film, which arrives in select theaters on October 19, picks up the story right after the events in the original film, the one that literally breathed new life into a genre many had given up for dead.

At the same time, it also brought to the table and made mainstream an extremely realistic technique, that of the found footage, which, these days, is feeling a bit stale because of overuse.

Back to the new “PA 4” trailer, as you can see, it includes “creepy Robbie” (Brady Allen), who may or may not be Hunter from the previous films.

Katie (Katie Featherson) will also return in the Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman-directed installment. Kathryn Newton makes her debut in the franchise.

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