New PC Case from Spire Is Made for Modders

The enclosure allows for a great variety of PC configurations

Another chassis has been launched, but this time we aren't looking at a regular case like Sharkoon's model, or the Thermaltake Urban S21, but a chassis that trades affordability for customizability.

The Spire X2.6018, part of the MOD series, is not the most expensive PC case we've ever seen, but its price of $69.99 / EURO 53.95 still puts it above most.

The reason for this is, in Spire's own words, a “unique design” that provides “satisfaction for the professional user, enthusiast and gamer alike.”

First off, we'll get the standard specs out of the way. Spire gave the 6018 MOD Series four 5.25-inch drive bays (for optical drives), one external 3.5-inch bay (card reader-ready) and four internal 3.5-inch bays (for hard disk drives or solid-state drives).

With HDD, SSD and ODD storage provisions well in hand, the company also made sure there was enough room for large CPU coolers and long graphics cards (295 mm / 11.60 inches).

Then, there are the fans. Spire included front and exhaust fans, but there are spaces and mounting areas for more.

In total, the chassis can end up with one front 120mm intake spinner, two 120 mm top fans and a rear exhaust fan of 120 mm.

Should owners so wish, they will be able to use smaller fans as well (80 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm).

Moving on, Spire allows buyers to choose between a meshed side panel and a clear window, knowing that while some people will want their hardware in full view, others might prefer otherwise.

Other things worth mentioning are the tool-free side panels and equally tool-free drive and card installation mechanisms.

Finally, Spire's X2.6018 XMOD Series compact PC case has a fan controller on the top, right next to the power switch.

All in all, any PC configuration based on an ATX V2.03-compatible or micro-ATX motherboard will be able to find a good home in the X2.6018. The case is already shipping, but the V2 version with meshed side panel will only arrive in March 2013.


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