New Outdoor Camera Can Outlast Storms

It can live off the energy from the LAN connection and supports 720 video

Security cameras are pretty straightforward usually, but there are some buildings and places where they need to satisfy certain special conditions. There is also the matter of outdoor placement.

D-Link took all these things into account when it created the HD PoE Outdoor Cloud Camera, whose part number is DCS-2310L.

PoE stands for power-over-Ethernet. It is a technology that enables the camera to operate on just the energy supplied by the network cable.

In addition to the obvious benefits of needing no power outlets nearby (and, thus, letting cameras be placed in the oddest of places), it also means a much lower power bill.

Two-way communication support is present as well, since D-Link went through the trouble of including a microphone and an integrated speaker.

What's more, a PIR sensor automatically triggers the recording function when needed, while an optional alert can be sent to the user whenever something moves within the field of view.

As for technical specifications, D-Link designed its overall stylish black and white camera with support for 720p video recording (1280 x 720 pixels) and photo capture support in 1280 x 800 pixels.

Whenever such things are captured or recorded, they are transmitted over 10/100 Ethernet to microSDHC memory cards.

Furthermore, the device is built in such a way that it withstands most bad weather phenomena, except hurricanes and the like. IP-65 compliance means resistance to low jets of water (rain) and dust.

Finally, the camera has space for a memory card (not included in the purchase). When recording or capturing images, the camera saves the files twice: once on the integrated storage and once over the Ethernet connection, as mentioned above.

D-Link is currently selling the HD PoE Outdoor Cloud Camera in the UK for £246.49 ($394 / 306 Euro). Remote access from iPhone, iPad and Android tablets/phones is possible through specially released apps.

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