New Orico SandForce SSDs Released

Their writing speed arguably leaves a bit to be desired

There are many solid state drives based on controllers from SandForce, but that didn't stop Orico from making some of its own, so the HD-01 series came to be.

Going through online retailers, people may stumble upon a certain new series of solid state drives, one that Orico came up with.

There are four of them, to be precise, all of which boast the latest firmware microcode released by LSI, the one that helps the drive make better use of its available NAND Flash storage capacity.

Meanwhile, the LSI-SandForce SF-2281 controller handles the data transfers, though the speeds may not be what some would expect.

SandForce chips are known for being the fastest SSD controllers, but the rates achieved by Orico's HD-01 leave a bit to be desired.

After all, in a world where high-end SSDs read at 550 MB/s and write at 500 MB/s, or even more, SandForce SSDs with 500 MB/s read and 350 MB/s write aren't quite as daunting.

Nevertheless, those are the speeds, and they probably go lower according to the capacity of each model.

Speaking of which, the HS-01 collection of SSDs has four members, called HS-01A-256S3, HS-01C-256S3, HS-01D-256S3 and HS-01E-256S3.

Oddly, though, they don't get their different names from their capacity, but from the shape of their cases.

All of them have the same number of gigabytes inside them: 256. They have the same kind of NAND Flash chips too, built on the 25nm manufacturing process technology.

As for the communication with the motherboard, it is easy enough to guess that the SATA 6.0 Gbps interface is used, otherwise called SATA III.

After all, SATA II (SATA 3.0 Gbps) would not actually allow the aforementioned transfer speeds to be attained.

According to Expreview, the price of the drives is 2,898 RMB, which translates into US $458.3 / 348.39 Euro.


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