New “Oblivion” Trailer Premieres

Tom Cruise still remembers, will most likely fight for what’s right

In a not so distant future, the Earth is no longer the place we call our home. That is the premise of the latest Tom Cruise movie, “Oblivion,” directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose most recent work includes the beautiful looking “TRON: Legacy.”

A new trailer for the film has premiered and, as usual, you can see it above in full.

It offers a bit more insight into the story, that of a drone repair man (Cruise) who takes frequent trips to the now-deserted Earth for this purpose.

In his dreams, he sees a woman he can’t remember ever having met (Olga Kurylenko), so imagine his surprise when he finds her in a pod on the surface of the Planet.

Safe to say, good things don’t happen afterwards.

“Oblivion” also stars Andrea Riseborough, the handsome Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Melissa Leo, and will be out in theaters this April.

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