New Nokia Windows Phones at MWC 2012

The company might make official the cheapest Windows Phone to date

Next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we should witness the launch of new Nokia handsets running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

Nokia is betting big on Windows Phone and everyone knows that. Thus, the company is expected to unveil at least two new models at the event, one of which is said to be the most affordable Windows Phone yet.

This would be the Nokia Lumia 610, a smartphone that made it to the headlines quite a lot lately, and which should bring Microsoft’s Windows Phone to a new low price point.

Specs wise, the new device should pack a 3.5-inch touchscreen display, 256 MB of RAM, and a 5-megapixel photo snapper with LED flash.

The new device should run under the next flavor of Windows Phone, supposedly called Tango. The OS will be optimized for use of low-end hardware.

Previous rumors also suggested that Nokia might launch a successor for Nokia Lumia 710 at MWC, and that it might call it Nokia Lumia 719.

Additionally, the Finnish handset vendor is expected to bring to the event a high-end smartphone powered by the Windows Phone platform.

According to Reuters, this would be the International flavor of Nokia Lumia 900, which was launched at CES with support for AT&T’s airwaves.

Others even suggested that this mobile phone could be released as the Nokia Lumia 910, and that it would pack upgraded features when compared to the Lumia 900.

A few days ago, a video teaser emerged on YouTube, pointing at Nokia’s plans for the release of a high-quality camera phone at the MWC show in Barcelona.

We all believed that the device could be the Nokia 808, a successor to the Symbian-based N8. However, Vesku Paananen, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 lead in Finland, linked to the video on his Twitter account, which could suggest that the device might run under another platform than originally believed.

At CES in January, Nokia unveiled only one new Lumia device, but we’re hoping that it would announce more of them at the MWC. After all, it does need to play well its Windows Phone card.

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