New Nokia Windows Phone 8 Concept Device Resembles the N97

It sports an aluminum body, 4.5'' screen, tilting design

Nokia’s focus on the development of handsets running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is starting to pay off, and the latest preliminary sales numbers from the company confirm this.

The company managed to sell 4.4 million Lumia handsets in the fourth quarter of the last year, beating expectations and proving that it can indeed become successful with the new OS loaded on its devices.

However, there are people who still remember the days when Nokia ruled the smartphone market with its Symbian devices, and many dream of new phones that would bring back some of the old hardware design from the company.

A new Nokia concept phone appears built specifically on this idea, thus having the Windows Phone 8 platform loaded on the design of Nokia N97, one of the most popular high-end smartphones from the company.

With a 4.5-inch touchscreen display on the front, the smartphone would sport the same tilting form factor as the older smartphone (Nokia later used the design for handsets such as E7 and N950 as well).

Featuring a body built entirely of aluminum, the concept smartphone is also said to sport a 10-megapixel photo snapper on the back, a PureView camera that is complemented by LED Flash.

Pairing Windows Phone 8 with a QWERTY keyboard might indeed pan out, especially if the smartphone also features high-end hardware inside.

The overall design of this concept phone looks highly appealing as well, although it’s highly unlikely that Nokia will indeed choose to adopt it for one of its future smartphones (yet not impossible).

As mentioned above, Nokia’s current Lumia handsets are performing pretty well on the market, and they might actually help the company regain some of the ground it has lost in the past few years in the smartphone segment.

New models, including some that would go beyond the candy-bar form factor that Nokia has adopted for the Windows Phone devices, should help as well, though only time will tell if the Finnish handset vendor has any plans on making such a move.

In the meantime, however, have a look at the new tilting Windows Phone 8 Nokia concept phone in the photos attached to this post, available courtesy of Yanko Design.


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