New Nokia PureView Concept Phones: Lumia 928 and Lumia 828

Both running under a customized flavor of Windows Phone 8

Lumia 920, Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, came to the market with a PureView camera on the back, capable of providing users with great imaging capabilities while on the go.

Before that, the Finnish handset vendor made available a Symbian-based handset featuring a 41MP camera on the back, the 808 PureView, also capable of great photo snapping and video recording capabilities.

However, there are some people who believe that a combination of these devices could result in handsets that would offer an even better camera experience to users, such as designer Peter Waters.

He even came up with two concept phones powered by this idea, dubbed Lumia 928 PureView and Lumia 828 PureView, both powered by Windows Phone 8.

Furthermore, both devices sport the same 41MP camera as the Nokia 808 PureView, but feature different sizes and screen resolutions.

Thus, the Lumia 928 PureView concept phone was imagined with a 4.8-inch full HD (1080p) screen, while the Lumia 828 PureView features a 4.3-inch 720p touchscreen display.

The larger handset also sports dual band 4G LTE capabilities, and is aimed at the high-end level of the market, with a price tag of £300-600 attached to it ($480-960).

As for the Lumia 828, it was targeted at the mid- to high-end market segment, and should prove a great competitor to Nexus 4 should it ever be officially launched.

The phone would sport a price tag of £200-400 ($320-640) while capable of providing users with HSPA+ connectivity, instead of LTE.

One other important feature of the two devices would be the customized Windows Phone 8 experience they would be able to provide to users, via Nokia’s own UI.

“Windows Phone 8 is great but it could be alot better. If Nokia can make their own apps, then why can’t they make an appearance changing app?” the designer notes.

“The Nokia enhanced Windows Phone 8 concept takes the original idea of having both the personalized desktop and the start menu. Having an app display replace the original WP8 app list means a more comfortable design for those new to WP8.”


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