New Nail Polish Line Is Exclusively for Men

Evolution Man says male manicure is getting increased attention, as it should

Men have long worn makeup and nail polish but, until just recently, this was something more worthy of a rock star than your average Joe. Starting from now, the Joes too can dream of rocking nail polish and not being frowned upon.

Evolution Man has designed a new nail polish line exclusively for the gents and, as if that wasn't enough, it's also trying to push the envelope by offering colors that were never included in a male nail polish line.

As the Daily Mail puts it, male manicure is no longer something to laugh about (or at) because more and more men have started to rock makeup and other women-only products on a daily basis.

Nail Polish is no different is the message Evolution Man is trying to send.

“Available in three 'masculine' colors – gray 'Pavement,' metallic purple 'Alter Ego,' and gunmetal 'Stand Out,' the nail lacquer has been developed by Evolution Man,” the Mail writes.

Marco Berardini of Evolution Man says the line is truly bold because it ditches the traditional colors that have been, until now, available for men, like dark blue, black and perhaps white.

“Much like new car finishes on the market right now, I wanted metallic colors that were a modern interpretation of old favorites,” Berardini says.

He doesn't see any difference between putting on a coat of nail polish and having a clean manicure. Actually, the former is more of a fashion statement than the latter, so it's perhaps more desirable.

“Men are becoming more aware that how their nails look can define them. Besides, if you're wearing a Rolex with chewed, scraggly nails, it's a contradiction of sorts,” Berardini explains.

“Whether it's the perfect, clean manicure, suggesting success and power, or a bold color to show they're not confined to society's rules, [wearing polish is] a way to express who they are,” he adds.

“It is definitely less permanent than a tattoo, and you can change the color depending on your choice of mood or fashion,” he further says.

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